5 Travel & Packing Tips

Mom and Dad vacay &KAT GRADE EIGHT GRAD! 143
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 2012

i’m not a globe trotter, nor am i a ‘well seasoned’ traveler, by any means.

however, i do travel and/or pack a suitcase 6-8 times a year. Whether it’s just a soccer tournament for the weekend, or a few weeks in the caribbean, i like to think that i’m a pretty good packer (is that a thing??).

although i do like writing recipe/baking posts, i think writing lifestyle posts is more my style. don’t worry, i’ll still write about baking etc. but this blog will no longer be devoted specifically to the baking genre (:

okay so on to the post. in a few weeks i’ll be travelling out to British Columbia (for all you non-Canadians, that’s the west coast of Canada), so while i’m preparing for my trip, i thought i would share some of tips that I have learned over the years!

okay; here we go!

  1. keep any and all liquid products in plastic zippy bags. you can buy some really good tiny (quite a bit smaller than normal) zip-seal bags in the craft section of the dollar store,  or the beading isle of michaels. the super small bags are good for travel size hand products, small bottles of foundation or concealer, and cleanser. it may seem kind of strange and unethical to use a bunch of plastic bags, you’ll thank me next time a product brakes or leaks in your bag. that being said, i don’t individually package all of my products, instead i use 2-gallon zippy bags to line my product bags. trust me, you’ll be so happy next time your foundation bottle breaks and doesn’t ruin your makeup bag, or your favourite pair of heels. trust me; been there, done that, bought the t-shirt… or the new pair of heels because the ones that were ruined where the only ones i brought. ya. that happened
  2. Make the most of your carry-on & personal item. Every time i travel, i try to condense all of the clothing, accessories, and toiletries that i am bringing with me to the size of my carry-on. Every time, I fail. If you can pack like this, more power to you; i on the other hand, am a compulsive over-packer. When you are packing like this, there are a few things to keep in mind; check out sequins and scotch for some great points. Make sure you’re subscribed to see what i pack in my carry-on/personal item; coming up in the next post of my travel series!
  3. Wear your bulkiest item. Whenever i travel, I love to have my jean jacket with me. It’s comfy, feels like home, and takes up a huge amount of space in my suitcase. This is a problem, as my suitcase isn’t very big, and i don’t have huge amounts of free space for it. so i wear it on the plane. My favourite way to do this is to layer it with a loose-knit round-edge cardigan underneath, and a linen bright patterned scarf over a tank top and leggings. layering is key when you’re traveling, as you can add and remove pieces to make yourself comfortable. items like scarves and heavy sweaters can be folded up and used as a pillow or a rest for your laptop. My go-to outfit for traveling is leggings, a basic tee or tank, a round-edge cable-knit 3/4 sleeve cardigan, my jean jacket, a loose linen scarf, and toms or sandals. All of these items are comfortable, stylish, and versatile, and make use of my bulkiest item.
  4. Only pack things that have multiple uses. This applies to both products and clothing. If you can’t foresee yourself wearing or using something more than once, than you shouldn’t pack it. that being said, there are exceptions to every rule. if you’re going to a wedding or other special event while away, the dress/skirt you wear will probably only be worn once. so, interpret this to your own needs, and question yourself before you pack something.
  5. Leave your home clean & tidy before you leave. nothing is better than coming home from an amazing trip, only to find your house in perfect condition to unpack and get back into routine. Consider getting a service or asking a family member to pick up food staples for you to have at your home once you get back. If you ask a family member or friend, leave a bottle of wine or other gift as a thanks for making your transition from vacation to every-day easier.
i pod (1) 039
Aruba 2010; we got to release baby turtles into the ocean at sunset. This was probably one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

So that’s it for now! I hope these tips make your next travel experience more enjoyable, and feel free to leave your travel tips in the comments below! Make sure you’re subscribed to see my upcoming posts, in the rest of my ‘travel’ series (:

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